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To achieve these measurable results in increased sales, increased closing ratios on existing traffic, better lead management, the collection of more 5 star ratings, higher CSI scores, and more immediate referrals (more of the best leads possible); the College provides each Department Head the following resources and support:


  • A Learning Management System preloaded with “excellent” content per the ratings of dealership employees, which they can access 24/7 from any computer, smart phone, tablet or laptop and learn new skills at their own pace. Department heads can also add content unique to the dealership and totally customize the learning experience.
  • A career coach for every employee and live instructor as needed on any topic that both act as “assistant coaches” to the department heads at the dealership to help keep training engagement high, attitude and enthusiasm for learning high and to continually direct the focus of the employees towards the Dealer’s objectives for the business.
  • Daily monitoring and monthly reporting of progress made by all employees and departments towards achieving 11 key dealer objectives including but not limited to: 100% CSI, full legal compliance, higher closing ratios on existing traffic, higher appointment ratios from phone and email leads, higher total gross profits per sale, more immediate referrals, and more 5 star ratings from happy customers on third-party review sites.

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The IAS Training Institute

IAS Training Institute: Where Potential Meets Performance and Produces Profit.

The IAS Training Institute has been the best kept secret in F&I. High potential, low potential and every where in between will find their way to perform at the highest levels when they leave the IAS Training Institute.
At the IAS Training Institute, our producer owned reinsurance professionals use a hands-on approach to teach the fundamentals of sales and management, delivering proven results that directly impact sales numbers.

At the IAS Training Institute, we will help your staff uncover their best leadership style by providing them with the tools they need to reach unparalleled levels of success.

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marty2Meet consultant Marty Coates…

Marty Coates of Coates and Associates, Inc. is focused on steering his clients to new horizons in business. Marty ensures his primary goal is providing top quality, leading-edge consulting and training to his clients. Whether he is working with a Fortune 500 company, a small business, or one-on-one executive coaching Mr. Coates is driven to help you succeed.

Marty’s services include: consulting, marketing, management, sales, strategic and business planning, and compliance.

He also provides training within: sales, customer service, leadership, business development, supervision, and automobile industry specific operations such as dealership operations, compliance, and finale sales and working the deal.

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