Using DealerRE’s products may be one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made. Combined with excellent customer service and the integrity that Tim Byrd provides, this would be what is known as a “no-brainer”. I highly recommend DealerRE and Tim Byrd if you’re looking for additional profit at your dealership. 
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Tracy Myers

CMD®, past CIADA President, National Quailty Dealer of the Year, and Best Selling Author

Michael Darrow

Owner, The Auto Finders, Inc.

On the VIADA Endorsed DealerRenew Certified Program, “It is truly a win-win for the customer and the dealer.”

Rob Fisher & Dale Fisher

Dealer, 2017 VIADA President

I have known and done business with Tim Byrd for over 20 years. What separates him from other “financial experts” is that he not only offers personal wisdom to help a client’s business, but more importantly has the passion to help the client succeed. He knows the business. He has dedication. He has integrity. He is always available. He knows how to work with all the staff to set and achieve goals. There are lots of “experts” out there but only one I trust: Tim Byrd.

Gregg Stewart


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Darla Booher

Certified Master Dealer ®

Steve Wetmore

Owner, McAdenville Motors


“I’m really excited to start working with DealerRE because the program they’ve put together is just perfect for my organization. We’ve used [our reinsurance company] to grow our buy here pay here business. We’ve used it to pay off some debt that we have and I’m essentially paying myself the interest back. It’s a great program to build a retirement, to build some future, and to be able to use the resources we have anyway. I’ve had a reinsurance company for quite a while and frankly I’ve been excited to work with DealerRE for quite a while now because of the reporting that they have and the team that they have in place. I’ve known Tim Byrd for a long time, he’s been working me to get switched over and, finally, I’ve decided to make the change because we really needed a better organization to move us into the next stage in our business. The whole team is just so great. It feels good to work with people that you trust.”

Andrew Wiley

Owner, Consumers Auto Warehouse, Stanton VA

I would highly recommend Tim Byrd as a quality advisor and partner for your dealership. He is a veteran in the industry and understands what it takes to make an F&I department grow, with great products, sound salesmanship, and high integrity.

Glenn Nielsen

VP of Sales

I have recently had the privilege of working with Tim Byrd of DealerRE. Many of our most successful dealers are already taking advantage of his programs. He has explained to us in plain English how we can move cost around (legally) to make more profit stay in house with less taxes and at the same time provide a great service to our customers; providing warranties and selling service contracts that we control. His company will set you up turn key. If you are interested in keeping more profit in YOUR warranty company, instead of paying it to someone else’s, call Tim. I cannot say enough about his customer service and commitment to working with us, the independent dealer.

Tommie Melendez

Dealer, past VIADA District 4 President

It is probably the best thing that I ever did. We learned with BHPH we were going to have to fix those vehicles anyway. By providing a warranty, it gave the customer peace of mind, but also put some responsibility back on them as to the role they had to play in order for the vehicle to be covered under warranty. Debt Cancellation Coverage allowed customers who otherwise could not afford full coverage insurance a way to buy the vehicle and only have to purchase liability insurance. Many people don’t understand how reinsurance works, it is a profit center and we like profit, but there are a lot of other advantages to reinsurance. I was looking for an exit strategy and a retirement program. It has provided a way for me to set aside money to not only help my customers when needed, but also to help me. A few years ago it provided the capital I needed to help me get through a tough time.
® is a registered Trademark of the NIADA

Jody Midgette

Certified Master Dealer ®

Tim Byrd has been a great help to me and our fellow dealers across the state. Tim represents many products, such as Dealer Renew Certified. It took a while for it to sink in for me. Owning my own warranty company has been very profitable and when my customers need help the most, they get it. Thanks to Tim, our business continues to grow with even more satisfied customers. It’s truly a NO-BRAINER.

Don Boucher

Dealer, past VIADA President, and 2016 VIADA Quality Dealer of the Year


I have been a client of DealerRE for about four years. I use Debt Cancellation Coverage and an 18 month/18,000 mile warranty. The VAP program generates cash which can be used to repair your owner’s (customer’s) vehicles which allows them to keep the car, get to work, get to church, and to go to the grocery store. It is that simple! They are able to continue to have transportation. It is great for you, the dealer, because you don’t come out of pocket to repair their car. Your Dealer Owned Reinsurance Company gives the money that has been provided by your owner (customer). So it is a win-win situation. The customer keeps riding and you keep building up cash in your reinsurance company. I only wish I had done this years earlier.

Rick Johnson

The BHPH Professor