Reinsurance and F&I Products

DealerRE is the expert at establishing Dealer Owned Reinsurance Companies. We are experts not only in reinsurance, but also in EVERY detail of the auto retail and F&I business itself which gives us the exceptional edge. With our knowledge of the business and insight into the unique nature of each dealership, we are able to help dealers eliminate problems and maximize profits. If you wish to make the most profit possible, it is essential to have a producer owned reinsurance company. You are otherwise just a salesperson for the warranty company. You deserve YOUR underwriting profit from your service contracts and F&I ancillaries and it is our job to help you capture it in your dealer owned reinsurance company.  If your warranty company were not making a profit off of you they would stop doing business with you. Think about it, there is profit to be had! If you took control and profits back from warranty and insurance companies in your dealership, how much better would your operation run and how much happier would your customers be? Would that increase repeat and referral business? We think so too!

Franchise & Independent Dealer Products include:


Vehicle Service Contracts



Key Replacement


Windshield Repair

Phantom Footprints/ Theft Avert

Door Ding

Super Polysteel

Buy Here Pay Here Products include:

Debt Cancellation Coverage

Vehicle Service Contracts

DealerRenew Certified Limited Warranty

Loss Damage Waiver

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