Reinsurance for Independent-Retail Car Dealers


Take Back Your Underwriting Profit From Your Warranty Company

Do you own or operate an independent retail car dealership? Do you give your customers warranties you’ve purchased from a third party warranty company or sell them vehicle service contracts (extended warranties for some folks)? If you answered yes to these questions and you don’t have a reinsurance company you are missing profit you could be capturing, underwriting profit to be exact.

Reinsuring your warranties and vehicle service contracts through your dealer owned reinsurance company allows you to be a better and more profitable dealer. It is like owning your own personal warranty company that services your dealership(s). As the owner of the warranty company providing coverage for the vehicles on your lot, you have more control over the claims made by your customers, where the money goes, and YOU capture the underwriting profits. You will never again purchase coverage from a warranty company for your customer and then have a denied claim and have to pay out of pocket to fix it to keep your good name in the marketplace. YOU have control. It benefits you and your customers alike, giving it universal appeal!

If your warranty company now wasn’t making a profit off of you selling their products, why would they do business with you? That tells you there is profit to be had!

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