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Why your Dad said, “Never Assume!” Do you assume your employees are saying and doing the right things in their communication with your customers? Do you assume that your salespeople have some GREAT reasons why a potential customer should buy from your... read more

Franchise Dealer Opens BHPH Operation!

Now What? What does a New Car Franchise store and a Buy Here Pay Here operation have in common? Very little. Why do franchise dealers get into the Buy Here Pay Here business in the first place? It has a lot to do with getting the most out of the trades you take in,... read more

Preparing Your BHPH Fields for Rain

Making 2017 your best year ever is most certainly on your list of things to do, right? I always look forward to the New Year. You see, I do business with dealers all across this country. From Maine to Florida, Illinois to Texas. I also attend many conventions. While... read more