Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Need a Reinsurance Company!


Get In the Driver’s Seat of Your Business Through Your Reinsurance Company

Do you own or operate a Buy Here Pay Here dealership? Do you have problems with lapsed insurance and mechanical breakdowns that lead to repossessions? You may be missing out on a crucial opportunity to improve your business and make more profit from a BHPH reinsurance company!

Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of the best-kept secret in the automotive industry. Stop hounding your customers about their full coverage insurance that they aren’t paying you! Instead provide them an option to carry debt cancellation coverage and waive your requirement for them to have full coverage insurance (they still need liability!)

Now your customers pay YOU for the collateral protection you require instead of paying the insurance company and its cheaper for them! Its a win-win. This is possible only through a admin obligor dealer owned reinsurance company.

Let DealerRE help you get your reinsurance company set up today and start providing your customers with products that you didn’t have access to before!

Debt cancellation coverage, warranties, vehicle service contracts all can be written through your reinsurance company. We even finance the premium on warranties and service contracts greater than 12 months in term so you can pay in the premium as you collect it. In doing so you’re able to keep the majority of your cash in your lending pool.

The best thing about all of these products is any premium that is not paid on claims becomes YOUR underwriting profit. Not the insurance or the warranty company’s!

DealerRE Reinsurance Experts can help you get started on establishing a dealer-owned BHPH reinsurance company. With more than 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to making sure that your reinsurance company is profitable and helps you keep your customers on the road making those payments to you.

Your BHPH reinsurance company will give you absolute control over your customer’s ownership experience and an added profit center that you did not have access to before.

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